Event #7: €10,400 Main Event Championship

Mattern Movin' On Up

Andy Moseley raised to 51,000 to open the pot, and Arnaud Mattern three-bet from the big blind. It looked like 142,000, but Moseley still wanted to play for more. He four-bet to 284,000, but that drew an all-in shove from Mattern very quickly. Even more quickly, Moseley's cards hit the muck, and Mattern moved himself just over a million chips in the process.

Two hands later, though, Mattern gave a chunk back. It was Thibaud Guegenou opening with the raise, and Mattern three-bet to 122,000. Now Guegenou shoved, and Mattern was the one doing the insta-mucking. He's back down around 900,000, still doing pretty good work here today considering where he stared.

Arnaud Mattern fr 900,000 87,000

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