Event #7: €10,400 Main Event Championship

Kastle Demolished

Casey Kastle opened the pot with an under-the-gun raise, and the action passed all the way around the table to the blinds. In the big, Eduard Kapitonov shoved all in for 120,000. It had Kastle just slightly covered, and he tanked for a long while before calling off the rest of his stack.

When Kapitonov tabled {10-Spades} {10-Hearts}, Kastle flung his seat card across the table in frustration. He showed up {5-Clubs} {5-Hearts}, and Tony G said, "Need some luck now," from the adjacent table. Kastle was all around his fives, but he couldn't find anything helpful as the board ran out {2-Spades} {A-Hearts} {3-Spades} {6-Clubs} {6-Hearts}.

Kastle's WSOPE Main Event is done.

Casey Kastle si Utslagen

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