Event #2: $25,000 Mixed-Max No-Limit Hold'em

Tilly Coolers D'Angelo

• Nivå 5: 300-600, 75 ante
Ryan D'Angelo

A few minutes into Level 5, Jennifer Tilly was spotted scooping a massive pot on Table 366. Ryan D'Angelo didn't have a stack in front of his seat, and proceeded to collect his things and exit the Amazon Room.

According to D'Angelo, he was the victim of a {k-}{k-} vs. {a-}{a-} cooler:

Ryan D'AngeloPlayed my A++ game but sad to say I've been eliminated. The dreaded KK v AA vs @Jtillathekilla2 for a 150k pot. 1k PLO tomorrow. #WSOP

Tilly was the beneficiary of the big hand, and is now up to 185,000 chips.

Jennifer Tilly us 185,000 95,000
Ryan D'Angelo us Utslagen

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