Event 4 - $1,500 Pot Limit Holdem

Hand #80 - William Hill Eliminated in 4th Place ($67,162)

Hand #80 - Jon Friedberg has the button in seat 7, Spegal raises under the gun to 105,000, Hill reraises from the big blind for 225,000, Spegal moves all in, and Hill calls with {A-Hearts}{4-Hearts}. Spegal shows {A-Diamonds}{J-Hearts}, and is in excellent position to bust Hill here.

These two players are nearly identical in chip stacks. If Spegal loses the pot, he'll be left with just one chip.

The flop comes {J-Clubs}{10-Hearts}{4-Diamonds}, and both players flop a pair, but Spegal retains the lead with a pair of jacks.

The turn card is the {Q-Clubs}, and a king would chop the pot. Spegal needs another four to win.

The river card is the {9-Hearts}, and Spegal takes the pot with a pair of jacks.

William Hill is eliminated in 4th place, earning $67,162. The next player eliminated will receive $101,276 for third place.

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