Event 3 - $1,500 No Limit Holdem

David Williams, Living Large

David Williams has around 16,000 in his stack right now, but those chips aren't enough to keep him happy. He also has a number of big-denomination cash chips sitting there on the felt to,,,keep him company?

After the players tossed in their antes before the hand someone threw in too much. Williams pointed out which player anted too much and said, "I'm the King of Honesty."

In another hand, after Williams and another player checked the flop and Williams checked again on the turn, his opponent stared him down for a good while before reaching for his stack. While he selected his chips Williams silently slinged his cards into the muck. The other player made his bet and Williams joked, "What are you doing?" and pointed as his cards. "That was the 'Stealth Muck," he said.

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