Aussie Millions Main Event

One for Barrett

[user68268] • Nivå 17: 4,000-8,000, 1,000 ante

Action folded to Oliver Speidel in the small blind and he raised to 19,000. Josh Barrett reraised to 43,000 and Speidel called.

The flop came down {K-Diamonds}{J-Spades}{8-Clubs} and Speidel checked. Barrett also checked and the turn brought the {9-Clubs} to the party. Speidel checked again and Barrett bet 37,000. Speidel gave it up and Barrett won the pot.

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Acey Deucey

[user162117] • Nivå 17: 4,000-8,000, 1,000 ante

An interesting situation just occurred over on Table 32. We got to the table around the about the same time the tournament director was called over to deal with the situation.

Andrew Hinrichsen was first to act and apparently he said to the table that he saw Pat Dillon had either a deuce or an ace. Dillon then looked down at his hand and was surprised to see both an ace and a deuce. He wasn't sure what to do, so he told the table he had both. This is when the floor was called over to the deal with the issue. It was obviously a unique situation and the tournament director said that, as there was substantial action already in the hand (Hinrichsen had opened the betting and two players had folded), that all he could do was give Dillon the option to play his hand. Dillon wasn't excited with this ruling, obviously not too interested in playing a hand that the entire table knew he had. When the action was on him, he folded and was was made to fold the {a-}{2-} face up to ensure he was telling the truth. As we left the table, the players were still talking about and debating the interesting situation.

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• Nivå 16: 3,000-6,000, 1,000 ante

Back in 15.

Nguyen Keeps Beating Ravn

Jason Koon brought us up to speed as Minh Nguyen was just thinking about calling a river check-raise. From the hi-jack Ravn had openend and Nguyen made the call. The flop was {4-Diamonds}{J-Diamonds}{2-Spades} and Ravn bet, Nguyen called. On the turn the {9-Diamonds} hit and Ravn checked to Nguyen who bet 36,000, Ravn called.

The river was the {5-Spades} and Ravn checked to Nguyen who threw out 71,000. At this point we walked up to the table and Ravn check-raised to 200,000. Nguyen tanked for a good minute before putting in the call. Ravn shook his head and mucked his cards, and this gave Nguyen the pot without having to show his cards. Nguyen now has more than Ravn who has been dropping a lot lately.

Minh Nguyen au 660,000 240,000
Aage Ravn no 610,000 -180,000

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"I Just Have a Nine"


With about 80,000 in the pot and a flop of {Q-Hearts}{2-Spades}{9-Hearts}, Bjorn Li checked to David Steicke, who bet 33,000. Li made the call and then both players checked down the {A-Spades} turn and {4-Diamonds} river. "I just have a nine," said Li. Steicke indicated it was good and Li revealed {10-Spades}{9-Spades} for the winner.

Bjorn Li au 940,000 90,000
David Steicke au 240,000 -150,000

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It'Sova for Bob


On a flop of {10-Hearts}{2-Spades}{6-Hearts}, Bob Sova checked to Tim O'Shea, who bet 17,000. Sova made the call and then checked the {4-Hearts} turn. O'Shea gathered some chips and fired out a healthy bet of 64,000, which Sova called, leaving himself just 84,000 behind.

When the {A-Clubs} appeared on the river, Sova gathered his chips and spiked them into the pot, which O'Shea snap-called. Sova knew he ran into it and sure enough, O'Shea rolled over {A-Hearts}{5-Hearts} for the nuts. Sova showed {Q-Hearts}{Q-Spades} and then exited the tournament floor.

Tim O'Shea 620,000 257,000
Bob Sova Utslagen

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Ivey vs Koon: Part 2

• Nivå 16: 3,000-6,000, 1,000 ante

Yesterday Phil Ivey and Jason Koon sat next to each other basically all day. Table 27 just got broken and guess who moved to Phil Ivey's table? Yes, it was Jason Koon. The big difference between today and yesterday is that Koon now sits on the right of Ivey. This could bring up some interesting clashes between the two top professionals.

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