Aussie Millions Main Event

Turk Claims Two-Million Chip Pot in Last Hand of the Night; Koon Eliminated

Matthew Turk

On the last hand of the night, we stumbled upon Table 32 and saw 280,000 pulled into the pot and Jason Koon with a 89,000 in front of him, meaning some sort of raising war had taken place. Matt Turk took about 40 seconds before moving all in and Koon was clearly flabbergasted, though he did make the call to create a pot worth around two million!


"Let's flip for all the chips," Koon said when he seen his opponent's cards. "Whoever wins this wins the tournament."

It was a huge hand that would essentially guarantee the winner a spot at the final table pending a catastrophe. As the railbirds surrounded the table, the dealer burned and the {K-Hearts} was in the window! Koon was excited, but it vanished in an instance when the flop completed {K-Hearts}{10-Spades}{9-Spades}. Turk had flopped a set to take a commanding lead.

Koon, clearly dejected, pleaded for a sweat card on the turn, but the {4-Clubs} left him drawing dead. The {A-Hearts} river sent Koon home in 27th place while Turk ended the night as the massive chip leader with 2.675 million.

Matt Turk 2,675,000
Jason Koon us Utslagen

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